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SURFACE is a multidisciplinary project that combines music, dance and projections. The goal is to reproduce the physical and visual sensations through the history of a place reinterpreting geological forms via graphics and geographic region or analysis of material. Historical and scientific research are the starting points and the collective work of this project. They inform us about events, dates, and given that will be used to generate or convert audio and video and also provide a guideline for the dance. The idea is to recreate or reinterpret sensations that accompany these places. The stories and legends of the Valais are also sources of inspiration and ideas vector for the project. Measurement tools such as geo-seismic sensors, devices for measuring atmospheric pressure, and others will be used throughout the creative process. A series of data will be collected and arranged to create an algorithm that will define a conductive line to give sound and a video replay of land and sensations it produces. 

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